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Anne Landa (San Sebastian, Spain 1971)

- Accordion Higher degree at the National Conservatory of Grenoble (France). Gold Medal unanimously.

- Composition studies with Boris Porena, Rome 1995.

- Alexander Technique Teacher training at “Alexander Techniek Centrum”, Amsterdam (1997-2001), with T. Marwick and P. Versteeg.

  Since 2002 Anne Landa is the Alexander Technique teacher at the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country, Spain (MUSIKENE).

Anne Landa teaches the Alexander Technique in many institutions as:

- “Aula de Música” from the University of Alcala de Henares (Spain).

- Public University of Navarra.

- Public University of Basque Country.

- “Spanish Brass Luur Metalls” Summer Workshops (Valencia, Spain).

- Young Ballet of Biarritz (France).

- Conservatory and Music School of San Sebastián (Spain).

- Music School “Enrique Granados” , Majadahonda (Spain).

- Conservatory of Bilbao “Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga” (Spain)

- Music School of Gernika (Spain).

- Accordion summer workshops of Alcobaça (Portugal).

- Conservatory of Calahorra (Huesca, Spain).

- Professional Conservatory  “Ángel Arias” (Madrid).

- Conservatory of El Ferrol (Galicia, Spain).

- Professional Conservatory “Teresa Berganza” (Madrid).

  1. -Sotomesa Music School (Madrid).

- Workshops for music school teachers at Madrid Comunity.
- Conservatory of Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain).

Anne Landa is member of APTAE ( Spanish Alexander Technique teachers association) and member of STAT (Society of theachers of the Alexander Technique).

As accordionist, Anne Landa played with AccoLand accordion duo, placed in Rome, together with Claudio Jacomucci. She has presented premieres of many composers as Andriessen, Donatoni, Mannino, Porena, Crivelli, Tadini, Romitelli, Sugiyama, at many festivals and theatres as: Teatro dell´opera (Rome), Festival di Novurgia (Milan), Festival de Música y Danza (Granada), Gaudeamus Fondation (Amsterdam), Festival de Nuevas Músicas (Bilbao), Orff Zentrum (Munich), Teatro Rossini (Pesaro), Academia suiza (París), Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome), Quincena Musical of San Sebastián, Teatro Victoria Eugenia of San Sebastián, etc.

Winner of the Pedagogical Composition Contest of Castelfidardo (Italy) with ther work “Lin e Lon, 10 estudios para acordeón”, based on the accordion repertory for children.

Anne Landa has recorded for  Radio Televisión Italiana (RAI), Radio Vaticana, Radio Nacional de España (RNE) and Radio Svizzera Italiana, and for  Musica e Poesia , Esperia, Música Fundamental and Arsis.

In 2017, Anne Landa as “Carmen”, has been soloist in the opera “La ciudad de las mentiras” by Elena Mendoza: premiere the 20th february 2017 at the Teatro Real in Madrid.


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